Etno selo Stara planina
Etno selo Stara planina
Etno selo Stara planina
Etno selo Stara planina
Smestaj Etno selo Stara planina
Etno selo Stara planina

Comfortable accommodation

Always ready and clean rooms. We currently have 50 beds in single, double and quadruple. The construction of additional accommodation is underway. By fall, we will have about 100 beds available.

A restaurant

Highly equipped restaurant with 120 seats. On menu are the specialties of Serbian national cuisine.

The restaurant’s capacity expansion is ongoing.

Active vacation

For a break from the daily hustle and bustle of the city, the best choice is an active vacation. Visit Bigar, Piljski or Tupavica waterfalls. The numerous hiking trails on Stara Planina provide unforgettable moments for lovers of untouched nature.

Not far from us are the famous monasteries and churches: the monastery of the Holy Trinity (XIV-XV century), between Donja and Gornja Kamenica, as well as the Church of the Holy Virgin (early XIV century) in Donja Kamenica, on the road to Knjaževac.

Always available

The staff of the complex “Ethno Village Stara Planina” is always at your service.

Call: 064 415 98 70

Peace and privacy

The unique atmosphere around the apartments “Stara Planina” will make you feel calm and peaceful all day long.


For those with an energetic spirit, special nights are organized with always-on live music.

Accommodation reservations by phone 064/415 98 70

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